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  1. where can i get mods for proshark 100

    bought a quadzilla proshark a while ago and belive im having a problem with carb thats on it never really had it going i just kept in storage and recently pulled it out to start the work on it
    so considering the problem with the carb i have decided to upgrade to the oko 28mm but im looking everywhere with no luck for a intake manifold for the upgrade
    anyone know where i can source one please 13238967_1406955715996521_7906849584580774448_n.jpg13553198_1436694829689276_1508013728_n.jpg13245292_1406954879329938_4651776011717578940_n.jpg
  2. wanted quadzilla proshark 100cc /apache f100 service manual

    hi just bought a quadzilla proshark 100 project last night to work on with the kids and i have searched everywhere and cant seem to find a service manual or any manuals for these quads any help would be appreciated thanks in advance
  3. quadzilla stinger smc 250E help

    hi i recently bought a quadzilla sstinger 250e and need help im looking for a manual and wiring diagram for this bike any help would be greatly appreciated previous owner told me he had bought a new electrical system for it and that he had got it running but i have come to the conclusion that he may have mistaked a few words as the main wire for the ignition from stator to cdi is just hanging there any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. wheel adapters/spacers bashan bs200s-7 4x90 / 4x110

    recently came across a very cheap bashan bs200s-7 road legal and well under budget done all the checks hpi and police check before i bought to make sure so after everything was cleared i bought it and decided to go for a decent set of alloys for it that were also cheap my problem now is that all 4 wheels have a pcd of 4x110 and the quad has a pcd of 4x110 in tha back but 4x90 in the front i know i can get some hubs from ebay for arround 45-50 but was more interested in the adapters due to ...