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  1. Swapping to Inner Tubes

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    Hi Guys

    Ended up having a flat while out greenlaning on Sunday. Luckily happened pretty much at the end of the offroad bit, I'm impressed that the tyre was ok for me to drive the 20 miles home! Problem is now that it's a newish tyre with a hole in the sidewall! I'm wondering if I patch the inside to cover the slit and then pump the slit full all gorilla glue like the YouTube video below! Will it be safe to run tubes in what should be tubeless tyres?

  2. Quads UK Revamp

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    Good afternoon all…

    QUADS UK has gone through a troubled time of late and unfortunately the site has been targeted with an unusually high level of spamming which has not been seen before. The site has also been targeted by someone who has maliciously and deliberately caused damage to the coding. Despite advises and support from V-bulletin on how to fix the issues the problems persist and appear to be far worse than originally anticipated.

    In light of this, the owners
  3. SINISTER powersports at Eskham House Farm

    have packed our trailers just the stock to get ready for this weekends AMCA NW event at Eskham House Farm (PR3 6BD) go to the AMCA website and click on to the link for Eskham to get your coloured mapping directions along with weather reports etc.

    Why not head up or down to see what we have available and check out some of the areas finest AMCA riders while you are there?

    We'll see you in the dirt.
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