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  1. Quadzilla RL500 MK2 Modifications

    Quote Originally Posted by Doddsy View Post
    Hi All,

    It was good reading your thread and some good pointers.

    I am an owner of a MKII RL500 and been having problems trying to source parts. In particular exhaust header pipe and exhaust sections.

    i have been in contact with with Quadzilla and also quadzilla dealers all over, they have all advised the parts are no longer available and they wont be replacing them, which i find strange especially when my RL is only 2 years old.

    I have
  2. quadzilla 320e cvt 2014

    Hi all. anyone have a manual service for this?
  3. little f@#$*rs!!

    Well id got the bike running sweet retuned the carb and headed on with my run in cycle. Then on the 21st of December my bike was stolen, cut through 5 locks (1 of them on my shed and got hold of some of my tools) and a rear disc lock that the some how got off, then they put my car window through to move it out the way of the gate to get the bike out. Insult to injury I was upstairs asleep. The police recovered the quad and after paying 160 quid to get her back I then had to replace the ignition ...
    Tags: #robbingits
  4. 6 weeks and its running :)

    So the 300xlc is npw officially up and running. I mounted the engine yesterday and connected it back up tried to start it and it would turn over but not kick in, so today I reset the timing and it fired up first time a treat. Went to take her for a ride and it died on me about a mile down the road haha so I pushed her back home had a quick check of things only to find I hadnt turned the fule back on, live and learn right lol
    it took me and a friend six weeks, working when ever we had chance ...
  5. quadzilla 300e xlc rebuild.

    Hi all, firstly im not sure if this is the right place to put this but hey here it is.
    Ive had my quadzilla 300 xlc stinger for about 8 months for my first bike and I think its great (probably because I have nothing to compare it to). I based in the Midlands so if anyone wants to go for a ride drop me a message, I ride with motorbikes usually so would be cool to ride with other 4 wheelers.

    Now down to the issue. About 3 weeks ago 4th went crunch and would no longer engage ...
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