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Newbie that needs help

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Hi, I have moved to Southern Ireland over the last year and have purchased a road legal Quadzilla RS6, It has recently had the LH side front drive shaft replaced, due to a little rough off - by my partner.!! It hadn't been run for a while so we started it up and left it running for a while, but when we put it in forward and reverse it it struggling to move in both directions!! has any one got any advise , as I am at the end of my tether and just want to get back on the road!! Somebody said it maybe the drive belt and someone else said it might be the clutch, !! I live in the middle of no-where, so struggling to access a Quadzilla dealer, your help would be appreciated!!

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  1. Mick C's Avatar
    If you hit hard enough to damage a LH front drive shaft maybe you done more damage than you think,jack the quad up and try to turn the wheels one at a time, the fronts should spin but the backs go through the gearbox? so will not spin but should still turn by hand may be something simple like a damaged brake caliper binding but any way its an easy check so I would do that first.
  2. stanley2010's Avatar
    Thanks Mick for that, i will get my brother to give that a go, and post how I've got on, hopefully it's just that!! Eileen
  3. stanley2010's Avatar
    Hi Mick,
    we tried what you suggested and it seems to be fine in regards to the turning of the wheels,it's running fine on the ramp,, so no fault seen there. when it is moving it's struggling to go,it's like as if the brakes are locking, but he's checked those and they are fine. Have you any other suggestions? many thanks, eileen
  4. Mick C's Avatar
    I am going to assume the engine is working fine and revs freely and the problem isnt just the engine bogging down and unable to power the quad ...Take off the right hand side engine cover (big one where your foot rests) under that is your drive belt, the engine is a C.V.T engine (Continuously variable transmission the clutch is a sort of bob weight affair, Google that if you need more info) the belt will go round two sets of discs? the ones as the front will be the drive from the engine the ones at the back tack the drive to the wheels (via diff) put it in gear and see what happens, if the front discs speed up when you rev it then the drive is ok,If It does not that is the end where the clutch is and that may be it, if the belt picks up speed that will be ok,if it does not speed up it will be slipping theres your problem if its ok and the rear does not speed up it may still be the belt slipping at one end (not likely it should slip at both ends) or you have a problem with the drive to the wheels.There is no oil behind that engine cover so no worries there.
    I have a ES500 manual from the internet but can not see how to upload it so I will try to find the link and post it.
  5. Mick C's Avatar that should take you there page 144 145 160 161
  6. stanley2010's Avatar
    Thanks Mick, thats great, I will get my brother to check it out tomorrow or Tuesday, hopefully we'll get to the route of the problem,!!Eileen