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XLC 500 breather pipe leak

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Thought this was just a one off when it leaked the other week but just been out for a blast and the breather pipe on the back of the engine that goes into the air box has spat a load of oil out again and filled the oil trap up. Does anyone know why it does this? My thought is that there could be a blockage somewhere or it's time for and oil change. The oil that came out was quite black. Going on a road trip around the UK next spring so I have to get to the bottom of the problem.
Thanks guys and girls.

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  1. clipperlighter's Avatar
    Hard to say without seeing it, possibly to much oil?.. maybe piston rings worn causing compression to change outside of the cylinder ?. Just guessing really.. hope you get it sorted mate..
  2. Stroudey's Avatar
    Thanks clipper. It's ok if I cruise around but spits it out when I give it some wellie. Worn piston rings sound logical. I'll ask around and when I get to the bottom of it I'll post it.
  3. Stroudey's Avatar
    Had a few suggestions from some very helpful people. Thanks guys. Will give then a try and report back. Fingers crossed it's just the oil level too high.
  4. Stroudey's Avatar
    Got it sorted guys. As suggested I had overfilled it. Gave it a service on the weekend and 2.2L of old oil came out and the service manual says 1.9L. Thanks for your help guys.