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Quadzilla rl500 cfmoto no spark help

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Hi I have a Quadzilla rl500 cfmoto it was working fine then I jet washed it then I started it 2 move it it was fine come back out a few hours later 2 start it and I got nothing at all then I wound the shunt realy was burn out so I put a new 1 on and it was turning over agen by the key started fine but will not rev up all the way but if you take the +red lead off the battery it will rev up all the way fine and now when I toke the plug out 2 see the spark I put it 2 the engine and turn the key it sparks once the you don't get no spark at all ? Can and 1 please help I've been out side 2 days trying 2 fix it lol all cuz I jet washed it what a dick I am !

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  1. Chancey's Avatar
    Hi I have the same problem I have change the starter and the ign coile and still still not revving high. I talk today to a guy a extremquads who was amazing helped me so much. There is a restrictor that stops u revving high in reverse but it is coming on in all gears even Nutrel he said if I unplug it try and start it then it should be fine. If not try earthing that then that should sort the problem I'm going to do it later today il let u know if it does work