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Quadzilla XLC 500 UK Road Trip - COMPLETED

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Hi all,

Just completed a 1200 mile road trip on my Quadzilla XLC 500. Started near Newbury then on to Cardiff and the ferry to Dublin. Then up to Belfast and ferry to Aye in Scotland. Up to Edinburgh and across to east coast. Down to Newark and finally hit The Ace Cafe in London. 6 days to complete. The quad performed perfectly with no misfires, oil leaks or breakdowns. My only issue was the on the front brake lever micro switch. I have never cleaned it and it had furred-up so it wasn't making a proper connection. This caused a problem with starting and the rear light flickering under vibration. Dismantled it and cleaned it with a very fine wet'n'dry. I had a custom rear sprocket make for the trip, 31 teeth. So running 15t front and 31t rear. I needed this to keep the engine revs lower at high speed. Cruised at 60mph for most of the trip on motorways and A roads. I would recommend it to anyone who has 6 days spare and can take a few friends and a support van with them. I did the ride with 5 other motorbikes and a support van and raised over 3000 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Some great memories and a few beers.

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