Hi all,
hopefully i can get some answers to a few questions as i'm struggling to find any info on the net!

1) The quad will run for about half an hour then start to bog on throttle, i have recently removed the carb and gave it a good clean but the same issue occurs. Also the oil light flickers on now when kicking the quad over, does this point to crank case seals needing replaced?

2) What is the recommended oils for gearbox/engine?

3) Does anyone have a service manual available? i am happy to leave a small donation via paypal if required, i cannot seem to find a manual anywhere.

4) What is the best way to remove the front plastics, do the handle bars etc. have to be removed to allow it just to lift off?

5) What is the closest comparable machine that i can try and find some you tube videos on to help me out with services such as changing the crank case seals?

6) The quad needs quite high revs to take off, is this just the nature of the machine or is there adjustment anywhere for the clutch?

Quite a few i questions and any help is greatly appreciated, it feels like i have searched the entire net with no decent info.