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Thread: help with a vin number!

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    Default help with a vin number!


    i recently bought my quad without the v5 and without the number plate. foolish yes but it was cheap.

    i am now trying to register it in my name for road use but i need its vin number!

    it's a standard 17 digit number but digits 6 and 7 have worn off by what looks like a collision with a rock or something.

    i have done a fair bit of research and the 6th and 7th digits appear to be the 'vehicle descriptor section' (

    is there any chance you people could have a look at your vins and tell me your 6th and 7th digits? presumably they'll be the same as mine.

    mine is e 1 - 9 2 ? ? 1 - ..........................

    what should go where the question marks are?


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    Default Re: help with a vin number!

    What model do you have?

    I have a 2009 RS5 can have alook tomorrow for you and let you know when I get home.

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    Default Re: help with a vin number!

    smc ram 170?

    yeah if you would have a look at yours and see if its anything like my vin that'd be spot on, thank you!

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    Default Re: help with a vin number!

    Can you upload a picture of the quad may help,

    You do know although you paid for it and got it legally if it was road reg'ed and stolen it's not yours they won't reg it and it could be taken. Vin number should be in 2 places one obvious and second hidden. Would prob pay off to do a vin check when you have the number but if num plate and v5 are missing it's not a good sign or it may never of been reg'd just please be aware if it's stolen it could be taken off you

    Good luck

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    Default Re: help with a vin number!

    yeah, if it does turn out to be stolen i guess i'll just have to take the hit.

    i will have a good look around for the second vin number. the one i found was a sticker on the offside near the engine. any thoughts on where the other one is?

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    Default Re: help with a vin number!

    If it is a ram 170 it will be SMC ram, anyone with one should be able to help or an expensive way would be 99 vin number checks lol which ever one comes back as your colour and 170cc ram you win but at 1.99 a pop it's not a good idea lol

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    Default Re: help with a vin number!

    On my 250 ram I had it on a sticker/plate and etched into the frame next to speedo, strip the plastics off and clean all the frame (if dirty) hopefully you may come accross it, as far as I know all should have 2 I no mine did hopefully yours does.

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    Default Re: help with a vin number!

    yeah that's what i was hoping, that somebody with the same quad could give me their 6th and 7th digits, then i can run a vin check on it!

    so if anyone can help i would be eternally grateful

    i had thought about going through all combinations until i find it but soon dismissed the idea haha

    all the plastics are currently off it as i'm part way through a partial strip and rebuild. i will have a good scout around tomorrow, hopefully something will show up! thanks

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    Default Re: help with a vin number!

    Do you have an engine number ? If so send it to me all do some digging

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    Default Re: help with a vin number!

    no doubt i do yes but i'm unable to get it until tomorrow. i take it you have access to a motor database or something?

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