Just in the final stages of purchasing my new 2012 Yamaha Raptor 700R SE and decided I had better get some insurance quotes.

Called my current provider (the one with the 2 wheeled kind at the start of the name) and the quote I got was way OTT. And the limitations and non payouts for certain parts of the policy were riduculous. Why state in the policy things that r then excluded in the small print!? Obviously told them I was going to shop around.

Since being a member of this forum I called Falcon next. Not going into details but let's just say wow, what a deal

Tom, u r a legend

I'm not jus saying this cos this is a Falcon run website. A lot of members on here know me and will vouch for me. Also they know what a tight fisted bugger I am n will always look for the best deal

Thanks again Falcon