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Thread: Who's idea was that on the XLC 500 ?

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    Default Who's idea was that on the XLC 500 ?

    After checking out my new XLC 500 today I noticed that the poxy battery is located right under the rear L/H wheel arch along with the rectifier WTF
    Yes this is were all the WATER,MUD @ SHIT through up surley to not.....

    Anybody had a problem with this long term

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    Default Re: Who's idea was that on the XLC 500 ?

    There is a better fix which improves on the whole thing. I removed the air box snorkel, air box lid and air filter. I fitted a K&N air filter to the carb, which will increase the HP and makes the bike sound louder and throaty. You will need to re-jet the carb. Kits are available on ebay. Leave the air box bottom half in place and it gives you a nice compartment for the battery. Your could even replace the lid but will have to cut it about a bit to house all the wires. You can just see on the picture of my XLC 500 what it looks like from the rear.20150412_113144.jpg


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