Yamaha YFZ 450 Velocity Performance Air Filter Kit

Velocity Filter Kits are used by many of the top racers including Greg Gee, Dough Eichner, Josh Creamer, and Keith Little.

Included in this kit is a Velocity Air Filter, Air Adaptor to keep that filter nice and snug and also nylon prefilter to protect your nice new filter from debris.

Its simple the more air you get into an engine, the more power it's going to make. Velocity's goal was to develop a filter that would allow the highest amount of air intake, without sacrificing filtration. With this goal in mind, they used previously wasted space in most filters...the end cap. Velocity's "conical" design gives you 30% more air filtration, allowing your engine to draw in maximum amounts of air.

If you race your ATV or take it out for the occasional ride, look no further than this kit for ultimate power.

Yamaha YFZ 450 Velocity Performance Air Filter Kit: Quad Bikes & ATV Power and Performance: Adrenalin ATV