Yamaha YFZ450 PWR High Flow Radiator

PWRs high flow radiators are manufactured using the highly efficient and lightweight tube and fin style of core construction. PWR's cores are individually made by hand and the tubes cut to the required/custom length, with a maximum size being 1000mm x 1000mm. The tube used in the manufacturing process has a rounded leading edge. This has been proven to give up to 40% more ambient {external} airflow in their wind tunnel testing. With this information, efficiency on an air to air intercooler is high dependent on the amount of ambient airflow passing through the core. The "extruded" tubes, as they're referred to, contain an internal baffler throughout the tubes which helps create more turbulence and promotes less pressure drop, resulting in higher flow in a reduced lag time. This also creates more surface area, allowing the heat to be removed from the tube much quicker. PWR manufactures the core using 12fpi {fins per inch} which allows ambient airflow to flow through to the radiator while avoiding any overheating problems to the engine.

Yamaha YFZ450 PWR High Flow Radiator: Quad Bikes & ATV Power and Performance: Adrenalin ATV