Yamaha YFZ 450 Fox Float X Evol DSC Front Shox

In Racing, everyone knows taking a different line is always the best way to get into the lead.

Not following the pack has been the inspiration for our new high performance line of racing shocks specifically designed and engineered for ATV racing. The innovative FLOAT™ X EVOL AirShox deliver an ultra–wide range of externally adjustable compression and rebound damping with infinite dual-stage air spring adjustability...springs are history.

With our optional DSC, we didn’t just add another adjustment circuit to our current compression adjuster. No way, our engineers completely redesigned our new DSC from scratch. With DSC, you can adjust the shock’s high and low speed compression damping by simply turning the external adjusters. With the supplied air pump, you can easily adjust the air pressure to achieve the perfect sag and gravity defying bottom-out resistance. Greater adjustability means a customized ride that can be dialed to the demands of the toughest track. The FLOAT X EVOL AirShox are the lightest, most advanced and adjustable racing shocks on earth and live to top the podium and bury the competition.


  • Ultra-Lightweight (4.6lbs @ 19.5")
  • New Chrome Silicon Higher-Rate Negative Spring
  • New High Volume EVOL Resvoir
  • Velocity Sensitve Damping Control
  • Samurai Sealing System (SSS)
  • Progressive Spring Rate
  • Piggyback Reservoir


  • New Dual Speed Compression Adjustmnet (DSC) Optional Infinitley Adjustable Dual Air Spring
  • Main Air Chamber (Ride Height)
  • EVOL Air Chamber (Bottom-Out)
  • Concentric Compression Adjuster
  • Wide-Range Rebound Adjuster

Yamaha YFZ 450 Fox Float X Evol DSC Front Shox: Quad Bikes & ATV Power and Performance: Adrenalin ATV