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  1. Quadzilla450

    Hi does anyone know where I can get a new clutch cable and a timing chain tensioner for mine quadzilla 450 cheers
  2. where can i get mods for proshark 100

    bought a quadzilla proshark a while ago and belive im having a problem with carb thats on it never really had it going i just kept in storage and recently pulled it out to start the work on it
    so considering the problem with the carb i have decided to upgrade to the oko 28mm but im looking everywhere with no luck for a intake manifold for the upgrade
    anyone know where i can source one please 13238967_1406955715996521_7906849584580774448_n.jpg13553198_1436694829689276_1508013728_n.jpg13245292_1406954879329938_4651776011717578940_n.jpg
  3. wanted quadzilla proshark 100cc /apache f100 service manual

    hi just bought a quadzilla proshark 100 project last night to work on with the kids and i have searched everywhere and cant seem to find a service manual or any manuals for these quads any help would be appreciated thanks in advance
  4. Quadzilla XLC 500 UK Road Trip - COMPLETED

    Hi all,

    Just completed a 1200 mile road trip on my Quadzilla XLC 500. Started near Newbury then on to Cardiff and the ferry to Dublin. Then up to Belfast and ferry to Aye in Scotland. Up to Edinburgh and across to east coast. Down to Newark and finally hit The Ace Cafe in London. 6 days to complete. The quad performed perfectly with no misfires, oil leaks or breakdowns. My only issue was the on the front brake lever micro switch. I have never cleaned it and it had furred-up so it ...
  5. Quadzilla x8

    Hi im looking to purchase a quadzilla x8. And would like to know peoples thoughts and opinions in them. I have never had a quad before so it is allnew to me. Would also lime to get to know people localish to me to go out with. Im in poole Dorset. Any information would be greatly recieved. Thanks guys and gals. Also i have never used forums or pages like this before so i hope this is the right place to be.
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